That’s A Moro is a museum-restaurant in Ragusa Ibla

Take a look and discover the works of the artist Michele Nigro.

That’s a Moro

I’m Giovanni, I’m madly in love with my territory, I’ve always thought that Sicilians should value our land much more.

I’m in love with food but I am not a chef, I work hard but I had an opportunity and I caught it, so That’s a Moro was born.

A real restaurant-museum.

Why a restaurant?
Because I think that Ragusa lacked a restaurant that offers dishes of authentic ragusan cuisine.

Why a museum?
Why not? I wanted to give my customers the chance to make a new restaurant experience. Being surrounded by works by local artists that remind us of our traditions and our experience is stimulating.

Why a restaurant-museum?
Because I think these two aspects go hand in hand, both the kitchen, both the furniture and the interiors are a tribute to our land.